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A gallery containing a variety of pictures of song birds. While you will find some backyard feeder birds here you will also find birds that most people never see.

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Yellow-rumped in FallHouse WrenIt Doesn't FitEastern BluebirdFleeting GlimpseMorning SongCedar WaxwingTufted TitmouseWinter GoldfinchBlack Capped ChickadeeHorned LarkHorned Lark IIWinter RobinEastern BluebirdHouse HuntingHouse Hunting IIEastern KingbirdTreetop FlierLooking for LunchRed-bellied Woodpecker

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Bucth... LOVE this gallery. Nice grouping of small birds, an excellent idea to organize them this way. Very Nice collection. Many that I don't have yet in my collection. Can't Wait until Spring.. best time for birding. After looking out the window today,, seems like Spring is awfully far away. Will go out and shoot today... still snowing of/on and more on the way but dangit... need to get OUT of this house for a while LOL. Nice work Butch!
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