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A few years ago I hardly ever saw a hawk. Now I see one just about every day. I have learned to "look" when I'm out. I'll point out hawks to friends and they'll ask; "how did you see that"? It's not that they haven't been there it's just that we don't really see what's around us.

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4.frank moser jr(non-registered)
I'm just starting to immerse myself in your wonderful photography. I definitely have to come to Warren sometime soon and take some photographs. My wife has been to Newport, but I have never been to the area. We have spent 40 years vacationing on the Cape, so you know I like seashore scenes and being by the Ocean. After taking pictures most of my life I am just now feeling the need to learn how to craft my photos. Viewing your photos will help I'm sure!
Wow these are gorgeous!
Ohhhh Boy!!! This set was a definite pleasure to view...

Awesome collection and shots of of raptors!
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